Cirque du Soleil’s 2017 show Volta has a clear message: Many of us are at risk of losing ourselves and wasting our lives in the depths of our flatscreens, tablets, smart phones and cameras. The Greys, Cirque du Soleil’s name for the lost masses, spend their waking hours looking through their own reflection at lives they wish to live. Following and envying the Super Elite they one day hope to part of. It is no coincidence that Canadian Cirque du Soleil has used the name of Air Canada’s highest tier loyalty programme. For the Super Elite, the World’s 1%, the sky is the limit.

The Grey’s live grey lives only lit up by the radiated hope of their screens. The hope one day to be one of the few that make it to the other side. Cirque du Soleil describes it as a chance moment of winning a TV game show called Quid pro Quo. A instant moment of luck. Not hard work nor tenacity. And here is the real tragedy. The few that make it to the Super Elite find themselves still staring through their own reflection. Now in the camera lens they are deeply addicted to.

Volta, to return or go back, points to play and childhood innocence as part of the solution. It celebrates the Free Spirited that are bold enough to follow their instincts and inner dreams.

Volta cautioned me in relation to the mirror reality of social media. It reminded me of the silent forces that pull us out of course from what really makes our lives meaningful. I came to think of Søren Kierkegaard’s bourgeois, people of power that in realty make all their choices based on norms they never question.

It also reminded me that my most inspired moments have been based on intuition. I used to be overrehearsed for high performance and enter into important meetings with overloaded circuits. Now I know to rely much more on instinct. I am a very detail oriented but I know in times of peak performance, distraction is better than mental overload. Distractions of play, as a life time fan of Civilization, or spending an evening immersed into the World of Cirque du Soleil.

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