Russian Caucasus

Good times in Caucasus

Impressions from climbing and trekking in the Caucasus summiting Mount Elbrus

Gumachi (3823 m)

Gumachi is a nice climb on the boarder between Russia and Georgia. Be aware of military checkpoints and patrols in the Adil Su Border area. There is a great camp site called Green Hotel at the foot of Gumachi. It can be found at the end of beautiful trek along the stream from the Adil Su National Park entance. On the summit you will encounter the Stake of Gumachi and a fantastic view over the Caucasus.

Hidden Crevasse

After days of on glaciers one can easily get complacent. Luckily we had just put on ropes here.

Mount Elbrus (5642m)

View from the rooftop of Russia and Europe

There is always someone cooler than yourself

Like this paraglider who took the easy way down.

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