Pedra do Baú

My wife once took me up the Pedra do Baú, a 300 meter vertical rock located near São Bento do Sapucaí, São Paulo, Brazil.

We went up the via ferrata, iron path, made of climbing aids such as iron rungs, carved steps, ladders and pegs. In some places the climbing aids were lose or had fallen off. In other places new climbing aids such as ladders had been tied to older climbing aids.

Unlike Via Ferratas found in the European Alps, there is no cable to limit a fall. We went to the summit without any gear at all; I would recommend at least a helmet to protect agains falling rocks. Even though there were climbing aids all the way, it was definitely an adrenaline inducing experience to be so exposed without any safety. There were some very exposed traverses where climbing aids were far apart and we had pass other people on the narrow route. 

Vultures were looking down at us from the summit. The view from up there was absolutely spectacular.


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